SFV Football Unit 2023 Registration Form
We're looking forward to the 2023 football season - please submit this form and dues by July 11th, 2023! Contact Larry Obar (larobar@earthlink.net) with any questions
jpcoolt@gmail.com (not shared) Switch account
All dues must be paid by July 11th, 2023 - Payment can be made through PayPal at sfvfboa@gmail.com or mailed to SFV FOOTBALL UNIT - 8772 1⁄4 Wyngate St., Sunland, Ca. 91040
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Are You a New Member? Dues are $155 ($60 association dues + $95 NASO dues) *
Are You an Existing Member? Dues are $195 ($100 association dues + $95 NASO dues) *
Are you presently enrolled in another association for 2023? If so, NASO Dues are $22 ($122 total for existing members / $82 for new members) *
If enrolled in another association, what is the name of that association? *
Shirts & Polos - We have black, gray, and blue SFVFBOA athletic shirts & polos for purchase - ($15 for shirts / $25 for polos - both moisture wicking material) - Send payment to @Joseph-Twiddy on Venmo (contact him at 818-294-5910 w/ any questions) *
How many shirts would you like and what type? 
To assist our instructional team in providing you with the most useful tools, please share with us your immediate and long term officiating goals (ex. learning a new position, working playoffs, 7 person mechanics, crew communication, etc.) *
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